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Zestaw 12 mat - czynności codzienne, czasowniki

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Set of 12 mats with verbs - daily routines. 

Game mats with cheerful, colorful pictures, signed in large red letters, that facilitate  memorization of the word, when working even with 2 years old children.

Large size makes it easier to find the board, two - three children can easily stand on it.

Non-slip rubber protects against falling and moving the element during movement games.

They can be used to play many diffrent games, e.g.  bringing elements according to the command, arranging according to the pattern.

The boards are accompanied with instructions -  Games for learning English, an e-book.

Ideas. Check our free course. More ideas for games can be found at our youtube channel

Easy to combine with alphabet, numbers enabling vocabulary or  even grammar teaching  - It's always a great fun to jump on the sentence than just read it :). 

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