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Thirty-six  educational boards with pictures and words, to learn English in active way. Twelve words repeated three times. Perfect for working with a larger group of twelve to twenty people. Activities, or verbs, are perfect for games describing daily routines, mats can be mixed with words and numbers to create sentences – students can jump on them according teacher’s directions or thier ideas. Learning grammar in this active way helps understanding the concept of tenses.
By repeating the word three times, each child will be able to find a place on the board during „stand” and „touch” games.

A triple repetition is also necessary when playing team games, such as „who will find the word faster”.
Game boards with cheerful, colorful pictures, signed in large red letters, that facilitate  memorization of the word even to small children.
Large size makes it easier to find the board, two – three children can easily stand on it.
Non-slip rubber protects against falling and moving the element during movement games.
The board is accompanied by instructions – Games for learning English, an electronic textbook.
Ideas for games can be found on the youtube channel

Dodatkowe informacje

Waga 3 kg
Wymiary 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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