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The player gradually learns the language from the simplest expressions to more complex grammar content. There are 9 levels of difficulty, A-I. The student decides which task he wants to solve, to the extent permitted by the teacher – e.g. levels A, B and C, but all the chapters are freely chosen. Three levels of difficulty allow you to “draw” the student to a slightly more difficult level – “if I managed to do A, I will take a risk and do one of B, and maybe even C”. Levels are always scored higher by 1.

Town is a language class based on a role-playing game played with magnetic or cardboard boards (version for small and large groups) arranged on a blackboard or table.

The course for groups of 2-25 people has been prepared so that learning a foreign language has finally become fun – a fictional adventure of solving puzzles in the city and earning points.

Practical communication, grammar, vocabulary in the field of primary school, middle school, depending on the level of the game, all in one self-expanding textbook!

Great fun at school, cafe or at home – you can play in mixed groups with different language levels of players.

In a large set for groups of more than 12 players:
manual in English

magnetic boards TOWN, 16 pcs
magnetic figures of the form, 12 pieces
magnetic points, 3 colors, 150pcs
TOWN Help Book
TOWN Workbook -more booksets can be putchased separately in a form of a paper set or photocopiable materials 

a bag adapted to the Play me TOWN set (red or navy blue available)

Town is a nine-step course for children, teenagers and adults on levels A1 to B2, for intensive language learning in public school, language school, camp, family or friends – all in the unprecedented form of a giant game! Hundreds of hours of fun, various questions and levels of difficulty.

An unusual board integrating all lexical topics broken up into 16 urban locations. The gamers symbolically represented as fictional heroes wandering around the city.
The game uses the natural need for fun and competition; For example, players can mobilize to reach a certain number of points (as a whole group or individually) for solved tasks in a given time limit, e.g. 100 points in 45 min.

Over 900 tasks!

Emphasis on independence and autonomy (Learner Autonomy) – the teacher introduces a new issue, consolidates material in individual competitions, tests a given level with the help of a test game (without the Help book)

Using the game method raises the motivation to learn a foreign language, especially for students with problems related to puberty, students with backlogs, people having problems with breaking the communication barrier – continuous feedback in the form of hundreds of points strengthens the quest to improve the score, allows for repeated repetition and gradual increase of competences without feeling bored – each game is different: different layouts – start / finish, chess, monopoly, different amounts of boards used, different levels of difficulty – from A to I, cooperation and competition, group and individual work and the possibility of short and long games make for a wealth of applications.

What will we find in Workbook:

material divided into 16 locations: your home, school, cinema, park, restaurant, airport, railway station, shopping center, hospital, stadium, friend’s house, grandparents’ house, grocery store, internent cafe, museum, travel agency

in every location:

level A – the simplest words in the form of pictures – 5 tasks

level B – words in the form of definitions to guess – 10 tasks

level C – phrases in the form of short situational riddles – 5 tasks

level D – simple grammar – times, plural, etc – 3 tasks

level E – harder words in the form of definitions to guess – 10 tasks

level F – transformation of dictionary forms (eg verb based on a noun) 5 tasks

level G – more difficult grammar – conditional modes, dependent speech, harder times -3 tasks

level H – idiomatic expressions and colloquial phrases – 10 tasks

level I – communication tasks and scenes on a given topic using specific forms – 6 tasks

What can we find in the Help book:

dictionaries separate for each location (possibility to enter meanings in the native language)

phrases divided into applications: greetings, personal data, reading, wishes, consent, refusal, advice, emergency situations, feelings, getting information, shopping, travel, restaurant, entertainment, surprise, guessing, reflecting, examples, argumentation, summary, opinions, permission, favors, picture description, invitation, etc.

grammar: plurals, adverbs, articles, gradation of adjectives, interrogative words, times, conditional sentences, dependent speech, passive voice, irregular verbs, parts of speech, idiomatic expressions

I invite you to meet my newest child – Town game. It is a textbook course fully gamified. Dedicated to students on levels from zero to B2 at any age, especially those who do not believe in their strength and are poorly motivated, yes – pure magic. You can use it as a complimentary or a leading course, for example during summer camp. It can not be done in a year, the material should last for 2-3 years in a system of 1-2 h per week. You can also work in groups with mixed levels and provide them with a different content, you can finally use the same game with different age groups from 9 to 15 y.o. or adults below B2.

This is an alternative to the ordinary textbook, but with any textbook it can be used interchangeably, ba – you can even make questions for the textbook. I also like seniors because it is a kind of stress-free fun. The most important feature is the emphasis on independence, motivating the student to learn independently before classes at home, a bit like in a flipped classroom method. Charged by knowledge, the student comes to the class to fight for next points. Town looks a bit like Monopoly, but the layout of the boards can also have chess (the best) or start-finish way of displaying the locations. You can play even a few years and with several age groups. You can fiercely compete or play light  together against time. I personally only compete against time, the game is cooperative and we try not to compare the results of individual students, only the group as a whole.



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