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British post office - prinables and role play with different age groups

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 British Post Office  is a set of printables based on role playing, supporting writing and speaking as well as teaching cultural knowledge about  London. There are several dozen pages of ideas for lessons with instructions in the package for kindergarten and primary school students.

Students receive age-matched work cards - letter patterns, letters with gaps, trace writing. The child, depending on age, writes a letter or card from a trip to London.

An additional attraction are money designs, stamps, envelopes, postal markings on the mailbox, and even a postman's cap. The game consists of several stages - writing, receiving and delivering letters, as well as the purchase of stationery, stamps and cards. Can be used as a large role play between classes, e.g. on the Day of Languages ​​or Friendship Day, Valentine's Day. Also as part of the post office station while playing in the city type of role play.

This set involves the whole group and even the entire school! Can be combined with a homework assignment - a letter to parents or friends. You can also set the mail table permanently on the class window sill, or on the table, in the reading corner, etc. The mailbox encourages and inspires you to create your own letters! Many hours of fun with age groups from 5 to 12 years old. British Post is also an idea for extracurricular activities, school, summer camps, home education classes, etc.


Ebook for self printing, contains photocopiable materials and instructions.

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